Help!! Anchor Straps

Posted by in Basements, Wood | January 02, 2018

This doesn’t look right, does it?

It’s not.

The top two straps for the anchor connector for the top of the cast-in-place concrete basement wall were separated, bent flat against the top of the basement wall, wrapped around the sill plate, and then nailed to the side of the plate.  This installation provides little lateral support for the top of the basement wall.

The top of a basement wall is best anchored with threaded rods of ½ inch diameter spaced at a maximum of six feet (according to most building codes).  Anchor straps may be used if they are installed at a closer spacing and are installed properly, that is, as recommended by the manufacturer.  We refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions for guidance.  An example of proper installation for straps can be seen in the sketches obtained from UPS Connectors in Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1 Note how strap anchor it set through plate and wrapped over the top.

With comparison to the condition shown in our feature photograph.  Note how the straps are set through the hole in the sill plate and wrapped over the top.

Figure 2 Strap anchor flair out and wrapped around sill plate.

If the strap anchor is wrapped around the plate the ties must be spread apart in the masonry and then wrapped around the sill plate (Figure 2).

Ahhh, that’ll work.