High Winds in Northeast Ohio – November 17 & 18, 2013

Posted by in Weather Events | November 18, 2013

Local television news media and the Plain Dealer reported damage related to high winds in Northeastern Ohio from a storm that passed through the area during the evening and night of Tuesday, November 17, 2013.  The high winds continued into the morning hours of Monday, November 18.

Preliminary weather data from the weather station at Cleveland Hopkins Airport indicates that peak sustained winds were measured at 46 MPH with gusts up to 56 MPH from the west southwest.  If those howling winds were only 46 to 56 MPH last night, I’m glad we didn’t have the 70 to 80 MPH wind gusts that were forecast.

Power outages were reported throughout the area.  Local media reported that a reportedly abandoned brick walled building collapsed on Ivanhoe Road in Cleveland, trees fell on a home in Avon Lake, patio awnings were lifted and dislodged from homes in Lorain, and a tree was down in North Olmsted,

A review of wind records at some other weather stations disclosed that wind gusts at these measured up to 41 MPH:

Hinckley – 28 MPH WSW

Euclid – 41 MPH SSW

Avon Lake – 35 MPH SE

Sheffield Lake – 37 MPH SW

Cleveland Lakefront – 38 MPH WSW

Lorain Lakefront –  34 MPH W

Amherst – 35 MPH WSW

Winds of this magnitude would generally not be expected to cause severe damage to a reasonable well-maintained building, but they may cause cosmetic damage to weaker components of the exterior of the building.  However if you have experienced damage, the website for WEWS-TV Cleveland provided good information for those who have storm damage:

“1.  The Southwestern Insurance Information Service says call your agent or insurance company immediately.

2. Take photos or video.   It will come in very handy as a record, and could help your claims adjustor.

3.  Don’t make any major repairs until an adjustor has had a chance to inspect the property.  If you can not stay in your home, go someplace safe.  If it’s a hotel, save your receipts.

4.  If you have to make minor, necessary repairs, keep your receipts so you can turn them in to your insurance company.

5.  Do not throw out or dispose of any damaged property until a claims adjustor has seen it. ”