High Winds in Cleveland Area April 9 and 16, 2012

Posted by in Weather Events | April 17, 2012

High winds were experienced in the Cleveland Area on two consecutive Mondays, April 9 and 16, 2012.  A cursory check of peak wind speeds (gusts) at the National Weather Service website found 51 MPH gusts at Cleveland Hopkins Airport on both days.  These were out of the northwest on the 9th and out of the southwest on the 16th.  A cursory review of peak gusts measured at local weather stations throughout the area disclosed that they varied from 17 MPH to 46 MPH.

One friend reported minor wind damage to some poorly installed trim and a loose pane of glass at his home in Olmsted Township, but I did not find any local reports of major wind damage.  (If you know otherwise, please email me, thanks).  Winds of these speeds are not expected to damage reasonably well-maintained exterior finishes of a building such as shingles or siding.

Mid-term weather forecasts by climatologists indicate that late spring and early summer will be wetter than normal.