What Were They Thinking?

Posted by in The Unusual | October 22, 2018

On occasion we observe a construction detail that causes us to think or even say aloud, “What were they thinking?”  Here are a few:

Why is this chimney so tall?  I’ll bet Santa doesn’t use this chimney.

Too tall chimney

Why are the ends of these shingles exposed?  This looks like it could be a leaker.

An Attempt at a California valley

Yikes, that looks like a lot of shingles on that roof!

shingle stacks on roof

Something looks wrong with that roof vent.  What would be the correct term for this installation? upside down or backwards?

roof vent installed backwards

I think the code limit was exceeded on stacked blocks.

way too many shims

Is this why the code does not allow the venting of a dryer into a crawlspace?

crawlspace dryer vent

This weaved valley almost makes me dizzy, but as I focus I notice that the valley is not symmetrical.  A valley ought to be symmetrical.

Non symmetrical California valley