What the Heck? (Volume 2)

Posted by in The Unusual | October 06, 2014

Some things that we have seen just cause us the mumble, “What the heck?”

Figure WTH2-1 Line of roof deck staples miss their mark.


I’m not a fan of using staples to fasten a roof deck, especially when they miss their mark.  This condition may be discovered during a review of ones work or when one feels only a little kick back during stapling.


WTH2-2 Web member in truss cut to clear blade of whole house fan.


Cutting any member of a truss is a “No-No.”  Apparently not everybody knows this.  From the discoloration on the cut, the cut occurred a long time ago.


WTH2-3 Post punches through floor deck.


All concentrated loads on a floor deck should have solid blocking under them to transfer the weight to the structural member below.  Without solid blocking, the deck is often unable to safely support the post and teh weight on it.


WTH2-4 Floor pier comprised of a stack of blocks.


A stack of loose blocks and shims is not an acceptable pier.  We call this construction “unstable.”


WTH2-5 This dizzy wall construction is due to a lack of bracing with a diagonal or wall sheathing.


Lack of a diagonal or wall sheathing allows the studs to lean over.  The nailed siding can provide lateral stability for only so long until the nails are corroded and/or loosened by repeated exposure to excessive moisture.