Continuing With the Theme of Labor

Posted by in The Unusual | September 09, 2019

Now that I have your attention.

A job well done will usually stand the test of time or whatever else is thrown at it.

Here are a few that did not.

And what did we learn from these?

Regular maintenance is important for the protection of the structure.
It is important to properly brace a masonry wall on BOTH SIDES during construction.
The basement floor slab really does restrain the base of a basement wall from sliding in.
Metal ties are needed at 16 inches in each direction to hold the brick on the wall.
Redundancy is very important in the construction of structures near vehicle traffic.

Redundancy is the providing of multiple load paths so that if one is suddenly removed the structure does not collapse catastrophically.

The bearing soil under a footing needs to be confined by soil, a retaining wall, or temporary bracing so that it is not squeezed out or fall out under its own instability.