What Happens When… A Roof Leak is Unseen or Ignored?

Posted by in Buying/Maintaining a Home, The Unusual, What happens when ...? | July 30, 2018

The above condition is not unusual for an industrial facility that has been expanded multiple times.  A low roof area is surrounded by higher roofs and the roof runoff is directed to a trough area along one of the walls.  At some time the trough leaks and the framing below becomes weakened by either decay or corrosion from repeated and prolonged wetting.  Eventually, a roof member or a connection fails and the roof collapses (Figure 1).

Roof collapses at roof leak

Figure 1 Roof collapses at roof leak.

Collapses don’t always happen just to “the other guy.”  Intentional examination of the conditions and attending to issues that are discovered can reduce the risk of severe damage such as this.