What Can We Tell from This Photograph? (Case Study 1)

Posted by in Simple Forensic Methods | September 15, 2014


This is an exercise to develop the abilities of observation.  What can one know from examining this photograph?

The framing and the insulation indicate that it was taken in an attic.

The color of the lumber and the use of board sheathing for the roof deck indicates that it was probably constructed prior to 1960.

The frost on the deck indicates that it was taken in the winter.

The dark staining on the rafters and the roof deck indicates that there has been condensation of excessive airborne moisture in the attic.

The filling of the rafter space with insulation indicates that the excessive airborne moisture is probably due to inadequate attic ventilation.

The severe corrosion on the nails indicates that the condensation has been present and progressing for years.

The relatively steep pitch of the deck and rafters and the age indicates that the dwelling is most likely a bungalow style.

Do you have any other observations that we missed?

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