What Can We Tell from This Photo? (Case Study 17)

Posted by in Impact Damage, Simple Forensic Methods | August 13, 2018

What can we tell from this photograph?

This photograph was taken at the base of a wall in a hallway.

  1. The vertical and horizontal cracking exhibit sharp edges and relatively clean fracture surfaces indicating that they occurred recently.
  2. The horizontal offset across each crack indicates that something behind the wall shifted a portion of the wall into the hallway.  (There is a cross wall behind the cracking that extends back to the front wall where the home was impacted by a vehicle).
  3. The horizontal offset is larger at the bottom than the top indicating that the force causing the damage was applied nearer the bottom of the wall.  (Where there are scuff marks on the wall).
  4. The line of the cracking exhibits relatively straight lines with few zigzags indicating that it occurred over a very short duration force, such as, from an impact.

Indeed, this cracking was due to the recent impact.