Time to play – Old Crack vs. New Crack – Part 1

Posted by in Simple Forensic Methods | March 24, 2014

Time to play old crack-new crack

Here is how it is played:

We will provide a series of photos.  You are to determine whether or not they are old or new.

The correct answers are provided at the end of the blog.

The key:

New cracking exhibits sharp edges and/or relatively clean fracture surfaces.

Old cracking exhibits worn or rounded edges, painted edges, and/or relatively discolored fracture surfaces.


Here we go:












1.   This is an old cracking as evidenced by the rounded edges, the paint on the rounded edges, and the paint across portions of the cracking. 

2.   This is an old cracking as evidenced by the moisture infiltration staining along the cracking.

3.   This is new cracking as evidenced by the sharp edges and the relatively clean fracture surfaces.

4.   Although this cracking exhibits worn edges characteristic of old cracking, it also exhibits chipping with sharp edges and relatively clean fracture surface.

5.   This is an old crack as evidenced by the worn edges and stained fracture surfaces.