What Can We Tell from This Photo? (Case Study 11)

Posted by in Shingles, Simple Forensic Methods, Winter Concerns | August 17, 2015

What can we tell from THIS photo?

Gouges from ice removal


  1. This photo was taken at a valley on a shingle roof.
  2. The shingles on the left are less weathered indicating that they are not as old as the shingles on the right.
  3. Replacement of shingles on one slope may indicate a previous roof leakage issue, an addition, or a localized repair..
  4. The valley flashing and the shingles exhibit uniform relatively sized gouges indicating that they have been impacted by a hard object, such as a tool.
  5. The impact of shingles with a tool in a valley is an indication of attempts at ice removal.
  6. The various degrees of discoloration on the gouges indicates that ice removal was conducted more than once.
  7. The pine needles indicate that the roof probably sees some shade during the winter months.  Shade reduces ice and snow melt.
  8. The heavy granule loss along the edges of the shingles on the right indicate that these shingles are much older than the shingles on the left and that they are nearing the end of their service life.
  9. The holes in the valley flashing indicates that there is probably some interior water damage.

Do you have any other observations that we missed?

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