Update: Low-flying Planes (Still) Damaging Roofs in Poland

Posted by in Roof, Shingles, The Unusual | December 05, 2016

In July 25, 2016 we reported a story in the Dziennik Polski that low flying airplanes were damaging clay roofs tile on homes nearby the airport in Morawica.

This is an ongoing story in Poland as the authorities have been flummoxed as to what to do.

After multiple occurrences it appears that the local authorities are beginning to believe the accounts of the home owners.  There has been at least one eyewitness to an occurrence of the damage.  He observed a low flying drone over the dwelling when the damage occurred.  See the article in the Dziennik Polski

And so, for you previous doubters, apparently, the story is true.

(I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first.)