Mmmmm, Maple Seeds

Posted by in Shingles | October 03, 2016

“Mmmmm, Maple Seeds,” must be what the squirrel or another rodent was thinking when one of them scratched away at the shingles leaving a broken edge (see the featured photo and Figure 1).

Figure 1 Yum yum maple, seeds.

Figure 1 Yum yum – maple seeds.

We see this sometimes on roofs with maple trees nearby.

What we have determined to happen, based on observations at home and at various site visits, is that those flying helicopter-like maple seeds get embedded under the edge of a shingle.  A sharp-eyed squirrel sees the exposed portion of the seed and he starts digging at it.  Eventually he burrows through the shingle and gets his/her reward, a delicious maple seed.  Unfortunately, the owner of the roof is left with a small cutout in the shingles.

What can be done?  Get up on the roof often to clean up those seeds or don’t plant maple trees near your home.