How Not to Find a Wall Stud for Fastening

Posted by in Construction & Shortcuts | May 20, 2013

The above is what I found when I recently removed a utility sink for painting.  I guess the guy that mounted my utility sink didn’t have a stud locator (See photo above).

This has prompted me to start a new series of occasional articles entitled, Construction & Shortcuts by Dummies.   Here goes:

A primer for finding wall studs behind drywall when mounting an item such as a sink, from the future book Construction & Shortcuts by Dummies.

“Identify the approximate area of attachment for the new item.  Mark the wall with short vertical lines every 1-1/2 inches, preferably using a Sharpie pen.  Drive a nail at each mark to see if there is a stud there.  remove the nail or screw.  Proceed down the wall until the appropriate number of studs are located.  When the studs are found, you can set your mounting nails or screws with confidence.  The exploratory holes can hidden for years by the new item.”

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