Prugar Consulting Group (PCG) was founded in 1987 by Jerry Prugar. It was established to provide professional structural engineering consultation services in Ohio. PCG began by providing structural engineering investigation services to insurance companies and structural evaluation and design services to architects and building owners. In late 1989, the company was incorporated and the name changed to Prugar Consulting, Inc. (PCI). 

Over the years the breadth of the clientele for investigation services has expanded. During the same time the structural engineering design services have narrowed to repair of damaged structures. From the beginning PCI has grown through referrals from clients and others we have met while performing our services including adjusters, home owners, building inspectors, attorneys, judges, contractors, and the general public.

We at PCI not only provide engineering services to our clients, but we are also committed to sharing our engineering investigation and construction insights to our clients and the general public when permitted for their benefit. This has included articles on our website that help to educate first time home owners and answering inquires about particular issues.

It is our hope to continue our tradition of providing objective evaluations and helpful information to our clients and the public.

We are no longer accepting new assignments nor answering inquiries.