Thoughts for the Season: The First Christmas Carol (2017)

Posted by in Commemoration/Celebration | December 18, 2017

The First Christmas Carol*

The Scriptures tell us that when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the angels appeared to the shepherds who were at watch in the fields saying, “Glory to God in the Highest, and peace on earth, good will toward All.”

Let us consider this greeting that is not only for the shepherds, but for us also.

Glory to God in the highest. 

Why call for glory to God?

Because the Lord God, the Creator willingly lowered Himself to become a flesh and blood person.  How great is He to have become one of us.  How wonderful is His plan to speak to us in person 2000 years ago, and now through the books of His Library called the Bible.  Let us accurately recognize the true reputation of God.

And peace on earth.

How can there be peace on earth?

Peace on earth is found in the message of Jesus Christ.  Although we may work for peace with toil and pain, we shall never find it.  Peace is not even found in conforming to the Ten Commandments because we cannot conform to them no matter how hard we try.  But Jesus Christ brought  a peace that is beyond all our understanding.  This is a holy peace between the pardoned soul and God the pardoner.  Let us ask Him for this peace.

Good will toward All.

What good will is extended to All?

This is not a wish of good will toward each other, but an announcement of good will extended from God the Creator toward all ever since the beginning of time, firstly, in the abundant blessing we have reaped from His Creation.  But even more so, we are called celebrate this season His infinite good will toward us by sending His beloved Son to fulfill the curse of death brought upon us by the disobedience of Adam in the Garden of Eden and which is continued on in our own natural disobedience.  Let’s face it, no one teaches us to do wrong: we do it naturally from birth.  And the result has been we have broken His laws, but God has good will towards us.  In fact, He has had such a good will that He has said, “As I live, I have no pleasure in the eternal separation of any that die, but I rather that each should turn unto me and live forever.”

When we turn to Him, He pardons of our inherent disobedience, our willful violation of His commandments, and our falling short of the standard.  Through His pardoning He not only brings peace in our heart, but brings glory to Himself because He can be just in having required punishment for our wrong doing, but further He can be merciful and gracious by taking the punishment upon Himself.  Let us take time this holiday season and ask for this mercy and grace to be upon us.

And then what is left for us to do?

  1. We can tell of the true reputation of God

  2. We can be at peace with all

  3. We can extend good will to all



Let us go forth this Holiday Season

and be a blessing to all whom we encounter

so that we all may have the happiest Holiday Season ever.



*These thoughts summarized from the C. H. Spurgeon Christmas Sermon, The First Christmas Carol, dated December 20, 1857.  Click here to read it in its entirety.