Merry Christmas (2018) & Happy New Year (2019)

Posted by in Commemoration/Celebration | December 17, 2018

Why remember Christmas?

December 25 was established a long time ago by Christians as the day to commemorate the most incredible event in human history – God taking on the image and form of a man1 for the chief purpose of, in His own words, offering His life as a ransom for those held captive2 to the sin nature inherited from our parents and passed down from Adam and Eve.  Thus, Christmas is a celebration of freedom from an eternal captivity.  The name He was to be given was Jesus which means God saves3.

The first Christmas was like the D-Day invasion at Normandy Beach.  The invasion proceeded with the death of the sin nature on the cross of Good Friday4, the defeat of death by the Resurrection on Easter5, and the appointment of the King at the Ascension to the right hand of God6.  It will culminate in the return of the King to establish His rule over Israel and all the nations7.

This is not speculation, but a fulfillment of promises given by God through Adam, the descendants of Adam’s son Seth, the Hebrew Patriarchs, the Hebrew prophets, and a few Gentiles who looked forward to that day8.  Approximately four thousand years passed from the time of the first promise given to Adam.

We over the past two thousand years have the great advantage of being able to read the promises made and to look back on their fulfillment at the first Christmas9.

How will we respond?

That is entirely up to you.

We and our families plan to ponder the promises, celebrate their fulfillment, and openly recall all these things with those around us, not only to praise and thank God for the great blessing He has given us in Jesus Christ, but with the hope and prayer that the blessings given by God through Jesus Christ come upon as many as possible.


Merry Christmas to All


May the King of All

Abundantly Bless You and Your Loved Ones in 2019