Happy Thanksgiving (2020)

Posted by in Commemoration/Celebration | November 02, 2020

This year I am expressing my thankfulness for the Word of God.  The Bible is a constant and clear source of truth and comfort in these days that seem to be filled with deceptions and distress. 

If you would have told 25 years ago that I would have been listening for 24 years to a 25 minute radio show (now a podcast) called Thru the Bible where the Bible is studied chapter by chapter over a five year cycle I would have told you, “I doubt that very much.”  Not that I might not have been interested at first, or even listened for five years and finished one cycle, but maintaining an interest in a five year study repeated over 24 years – “No Way. ”  But here I am 24 years later still listening and learning from the Texas native Pastor J. Vernon McGee, who passed away over 30 years ago. 

To me he is one small proof that the Bible, that is, the Word of God, is forever relevant.  When he applies the Word of God to the problems of the day (he recorded these in the 1970s), it sounds as though he recorded his podcast yesterday.  He already saw in the 1970s a lot of what we are experiencing today because he taught from and understood the timeless principles of the Bible.

If you want to know:

Why is life so difficult at times?

Why do we often end up doing what’s wrong, sometimes even with apparent right motives?

Where can peace be found?

What is real love?

What is real wisdom?

What does the future hold for this world?

What does the future hold for each of us?

What happens in eternity?

What happens after death?

I recommend the daily Thru the Bible radio/podcast.

Pastor McGee is currently presenting the Book of Revelation on the radio program and the daily podcasts (starting about November 2, 2020).  Revelation foretells the events at the end of time.  The five year cycle will repeat from the beginning, that is, at Genesis, in early 2021 (starting about February 1, 2021).  But, one can start in at any time – I started listening to the radio show about halfway through the Old Testament (the Book of Second Samuel). If you want to proceed faster than the five year pace or desire to hone in on a particular chapter or book, the podcasts for the chapters of the Bible are available for immediate listening.  Check the The Five Year Program at Thru the Bible.

For more information on the many ways the program may be heard, visit Thru the Bible Programs at this link.


Happy Thanksgiving