Time to Clean the Gutters (Again)

Posted by in Buying/Maintaining a Home | March 23, 2020

Not only is it good to clean your gutters BEFORE winter, but also AFTER winter.

The trees debris that fell or blew onto the roof and then washed into the gutters has been collecting for four or five months.  A hard rain may wash some of it down toward the downspout where it will drain into the downspout possibly causing a plug downstream or it may just collect over the downspout opening restricting gutter flow, causing gutter overflow.

Overflowing gutters may cause staining on the trim, wall surfaces, windows, etc., wall or roof leakage, and/or will add to groundwater behind basement walls during the annual spring rains.

Tree debris left in the gutters also becomes “soil” where spring seeds may sprout.  Left to nature you could end up with what I saw in the gutters on the remnants of the Daniel Pratt Cotton Gin Factory (see feature photograph and Figure 1) – the largest trees I have seen growing on a roof.  

Figure 1 Large trees growing in gutters at
Daniel Pratt Cotton Gin Factory.

If you are into the “natural look” or would like to have a tree box along the eaves of your roof, ignore this post. However, if not. please don’t let your gutters get like these.