Who Says, “You Need to Have a Gutter to Have Ice Damming or Icicles?”

Posted by in Attic Ventilation, Buying/Maintaining a Home, Roof, Water Sources, Winter Concerns | March 12, 2018

See those long, beautiful icicles and the ice dam?

But wait – there is no gutter along the rear slope of this dwelling (see Figure 1).  How can there be an ice dam and icicles?  Just lucky, I guess.

Figure 1 Look closely. There is no gutter along the eave.

Note the lack of adequate ventilation (two roof, turtle, box, etc. vents) for the upper portion of the attic and/or rafter spaces.  Additionally, there were small gable vents on the sides that further reduced the effectiveness of the ventilation from bottom to top by providing side to side airflow that short circuited any the airflow from the eaves.

The moral of the story?  Don’t remove your gutters thinking that will solve your ice dam and icicle issues.