About Us

Our mission is to provide objective commercial rubbish removal services in a professional and timely fashion. We believe that performing our services with integrity and in truth serves the best interest of our client and the public and brings glory to our Creator.

Our professional opinions and/or recommendations are commonly first reported via telephone and subsequently presented in a written report. The report may be a short summary, a detailed explanation with photographs and/or sketches, or some blend of these formats depending upon the needs of the situation. Our reports have a reputation of being written in a fashion that clearly explain technical issues in a fashion that can be understood by the general public, yet we use terminology that is helpful in determining insurance coverage and potential legal issues.

We are aware of the need for prompt response and timely performance of engineering evaluations so we discuss scheduling and potential delays with the client when our normal response and performance times cannot be met. This allows the client to make an informed decision in the best interest of their client and their company.


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