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Evaluation of Concrete for Fire Damage

Posted by in Concrete, Fire Damage, Simple Forensic Methods | August 25, 2014

Just read a well-written article in Structure magazine about evaluating fire damage to concrete foundations, entitled Engineering Evaluation of Fire Damage to Concrete Foundations, by Peter Marxhausen, M.S., P.E.  Mr. Marxhausen writes about his approach to evaluating numerous concrete foundations… Read More

Bulging in a Clay Brick Wall

Posted by in Cracking, Masonry | August 18, 2014

What causes a clay brick wall to bulge outward as we see in Photo CBW-1? A bulging clay brick wall is an unexpected sight to most observers.  When one becomes aware of a bulging brick wall one is usually startled… Read More

Can Ventilation Really Reduce Condensation and Mold Growth in an Attic?

Posted by in Apparent Mold/Biological Growth, Attic Ventilation, Roof, Wood | August 11, 2014

Most in the construction industry know that the attics of wood framed structures require adequate ventilation to reduce the risk of the condensation of excessive airborne moisture and the resulting mold growth. But, how much does ventilation reduce condensation and… Read More

When Winterizing a Swimming Pool

Posted by in Swimming Pools | August 04, 2014

Here’s an important reason to lower the water level in a swimming pool when winterizing. If the water level is not properly lowered in a swimming pool when it is closed for the season, that is, the water level is… Read More