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Peak Wind vs Maximum Wind – What’s the Difference?

Posted by in Weather Events | November 28, 2012

  Weather records commonly show two different values for the measurement of wind speeds (see photograph above).  What are the two different measurements and why are there two different values?  The two values are commonly called the “maximum speed” and… Read More

“Thank” is a Transitive Verb

Posted by in Commemoration/Celebration | November 20, 2012

One of my many pet peeves regarding the English language is hearing someone, after they have avoided some disaster, say, “We are thankful.”  I usually address the television asking, “To whom are you thankful?” This is first a grammatical issue.  “Thank”… Read More

Self-Healing Concrete?

Posted by in Concrete | November 06, 2012

Cracking is probably the most troublesome issue for concrete.  But cracking may less of an issue in the future.  A university in the Netherlands has developed a healing agent for concrete.  It is an agent with limestone producing bacteria and… Read More