Preliminary Results from Douglas Fir-Larch Strength Testing Reveals…..

Posted by in Wood | September 10, 2012

The Western Wood Products Association announced on August 30, 2012 that they have completed testing of Douglas Fir-Larch lumber in cooperation with other Western lumber agencies.  The preliminary analysis of the data from the destructive testing of 360 pieces in bending and 360 pieces in tension of Douglas Fir-Larch No. 2 2×4 lumber revealed that the bending strength, tensile strength, and stiffness properties are higher than the values established in the 1980s North American In-Grade lumber testing program.  The bending strength is (+5.5%) higher, the tensile strength is (+5.0%) higher, and stiffness properties are (+8.1%) higher.  Thus, there will probably be no changes to the published design values for Douglas Fir-Larch lumber.

This is important news because of the recent strength issues with Southern Yellow Pine.

To read the announcement click here.

Thanks to the Structural Building Components Association for bringing this to our attention.