Recent Severe Weather in Northeast Ohio – July 10, July 20, & August 7, 2013

Posted by in Weather Events | August 08, 2013

Maybe my memory is too short, but I cannot remember the last time we had three tornado touchdowns in Northeast Ohio during one summer.  A tornado on July 10 damaged crops, trees, buildings, etc. in Bellevue; another on July 20 reportedly damaged landscaping and buildings in Beachwood, notably on the campus of Ursuline College; and a third reportedly damaged a home and surrounding objects in Orrville on August 7.  We Northeast Ohioans have been fortunate that no lives have been lost thus far.

In addition to the obvious damage of a direct hit we have also documented damage from flying debris; inward and outward pressures that remove roof and wall finishes, shift walls, or lift roof framing.  Even these damages may be relatively obvious when a tornado passes closely by a building.  The less obvious damages from these pressures, commonly identified as threshold damages, may be identified by the presence of relatively clean fastener shanks in the separations, a visible demarcation between the relatively clean and/or undiscolored surface and dirty and/or discolored surfaces in the separations or the fractures, some other visible evidence of recent movement or separation, and/or the application of engineering principles regarding the effects of wind pressures on structures.