Post Christmas Blizzard a Bust (December 26 2012)

Posted by in Weather Events | December 27, 2012

The long awaited day long blizzard for December 26, 2012 was generally a bust for the Cleveland area.  Expecting up to 16 inches of snow, and then, blowing and drifting snow from prolonged wind gusts over 35 MPH children of all ages were somewhat disappointed.  The storm blew quickly through the area, like the Denver Broncos’ defensive line rushed through the Browns’ offensive line late in the fourth quarter last Sunday, leaving up to 10 inches of snow accumulation in some areas and snarled traffic.  So, we dodged another winter storm.

Employers were asked to let their employees go home early, and it appears that many did so, but most people seemed to be out and about as normal.

WEWS Newsnet5 provides a summary of area snowfall measurements as of about 9:00 PM, Wednesday, December 26.