High Winds Recur In Cleveland Area on March 2 & 3, 2012

Posted by in Weather Events | March 05, 2012

The fringes of the severe storms that ripped through Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and southern Ohio resulted in high winds in the Cleveland Area on Friday, March 2 that continued into Saturday, March 3, 2012.  Winds were generally out of the west and southwest.  A cursory check of peak wind speeds (gusts) at the National Weather Service website found 56 MPH gusts at Cleveland Hopkins Airport on March 2 and 48 MPH on March 3.  The Writer’s personal survey on the southwest side of Cleveland on Saturday disclosed widespread fallen branches and an occasional fallen tree limb.  Information regarding gusts throughout the area were not available at the writing of this post.

Mid-term weather forecasts by climatologists indicate that the spring will be wetter than normal.  Early spring temperatures are expected to oscillate between warmer than normal and cooler than normal.  Mid-spring temperatures are expected to be warmer than normal.

The Writer (not a climatologist or a meteorologist) has noticed over the past few years that the occurrences of severe weather seem to appear in a band that shifts northward as the weather warms (spring) and southward as the weather cools (autumn).  The storms of February 29 and March 2 may indicate that this pattern is a month earlier in the schedule than last year’s pattern.  This could indicate that the storms in the Cleveland area may get more severe over the next month or so and then diminish sometime in May as the band of potentially severe weather shifts into Canada.  But only time will tell.