High Winds and Tornadoes – November 5 2017

Posted by in Weather Events | November 06, 2017


After watching the local weather people describe the swirling winds moving toward us from in Northwest Ohio, my wife and I looked out the front window and seeing the rain passing sideways decided to spend the next part of the evening in the basement.

After the storm passed, I couldn’t see much in the dark, but my brief examination this morning disclosed only moderate tree damage.  I describe moderate as the trees are still standing but the top of one is gone and a major limb of another was pushed down and snapped off.  This is nothing compared to the destruction reported and shown by video and photographs in other areas.

Reading the news reports this morning indicates that significant damages were reported in Geauga County, the southern part of North Royalton, Brunswick, Brecksville, Independence, and Sagamore Hills, and Macedonia.  The wind and weather maps showed a swath of severe weather yesterday. The power outage maps today show a swath of power outages extending west to east through those same areas.  The damages also include a number of damaged, downed, or uprooted trees.

The weather station at Cleveland Hopkins Airport recorded winds of only 30 MPH, but the airport was in the “calm band” of the storm.

UPDATE: On Tuesday morning the NWS confirmed that there were nine tornadoes in Ohio Sunday evening.  Hope to have further updates later today.