Hail Reported at Some Locations in Northeast Ohio (May 12, 2014)

Posted by in Weather Events | May 13, 2014

Last night the local television news media was busy reporting on the tornado warnings and the prolonged, heavy rainfall and pretty much ignored the reports of hail in northern Ohio.  Throughout the evening, wind speeds were reported to be relatively low for the intensity of the storm with the biggest concern being the potential formation of funnel clouds as the storm passed through the Cleveland area.  Fortunately, the high or damaging winds did not develop, however, there were reports of hail in the area.
Our cursory review of the sparse hail data for May 12, 2014 revealed that hail sizes ranging from marble sized to 1 3/4 inches were reported in Brunswick, Medina, North Ridgeville, Amherst, Strongsville, and Lorain.  We hope to review more reports as the documentation is published on the web.
Since it is possible for 1 inch diameter hail to damage some of the lighter shingles, depending on the condition of the shingles, the direction they face relative to the storm, the wind speeds, the hardness of the hail stones, etc., there is a possibility that some shingles in northern Ohio were damaged last night by hail impacts.  And there is no doubt that a lot of light gauge metals were dented.  However, hail impacts to a roof, even when the metals are dented, does not necessarily mean that the shingles were damaged.  The extent of the hail damage to the shingles may be determined by visual and tactile examinations by a trained professional.  See our articles regarding the evaluation of hail impact damage.  Just search for “hail” in the “Search box” above. 
Supplement on May 14:  Local news media report that there was an EF1  tornado in Eaton Township, Lorain county in the vicinity of Butternut Ridge Road and Route 83 on the evening of May 12, 2014.  Reports indicate that there was tree damage and building exterior damage.