Why is this ladder resting up against a wall in a church sanctuary?

Posted by in The Unusual | July 31, 2013


That is a very good question.

It was told to me that the ladder was there because the alarm system had been triggered many nights causing the facility overseer and the police to meet at the building.  Still confused?  So was I.

It turns out that during one of those nocturnal get-togethers a squirrel ran by.  It was deduced that the squirrel had gotten into the building and was setting off the alarm when he ran through the building.  It was further deduced from vermin damage to interior contents that the squirrel was trying to get out!

Further inspection revealed that the opening where the squirrel had entered was near the eaves of the roof.  To assist the squirrel with access to the opening, a ladder was provided.

Mr. Squirrel obliged the kind offer, apparently exited the building, and the opening was sealed.

I’m sure that Mr. Squirrel had a lot of explaining to do to Mrs. Squirrel when he got home that night.

This story was told me by Ernest M.  I thank him for his permission to retell this story online.