What Can Hail Damage Look Like in Siding or Leaf Guards?

Posted by in Hail Damage, Siding | April 01, 2019

In two words, “visible indentations.”

As they sang in Grease, “Tell me more. Tell me more.”

“Tend to be near circular in shape”

“Formed by a mostly downward impact”

“Widespread in extent”

“Random in pattern”

“Not uniform in size or depth.”

“Generally only on one or two elevations”

For example:

Figure 1 Widespread pattern of somewhat
circular indentations in aluminum siding.
Figure 2 Indentations of different size and depth in metal roof.
Figure 3 Indentations in one wall of patio enclosure.
Figure 4 Random pattern of somewhat circular holes in plastic leaf guard.

Indentations from impact by hail are relatively easy to distinguish from indentations made by intentional or inadvertent human activity. We will leave that distinction for another post.