Not As Unusual as You Would Think

Posted by in Roof, Shingles | March 31, 2016

We get to see some unusual details on the roofs we examine.  Here are four that promote leakage and/or loose shingles.

Who put the soil stack in a valley?  See the featured photo.  In heavy rains or during snow melt, roof runoff can easily get under the flange of the soil stack boot.

Who forgot to install the counter flashing over the top of the step flashing?  Any surface runoff on the chimney face drains behind the flashing and into the roof.

Counterflashing is missing.

Figure 1 Counterflashing is missing.

Who nailed this way too high?  High nailing prevents the nail from penetrating the top of the underlying shingle.  This practice reduces the effective fastening of the shingles to the deck by half.

Nail driven too high

Figure 2 Nail driven too high in the shingle. Nail should be on the “nail line.”

Who is overdriving the roofing nails?  This practice reduces the capacity of the shingle mat to resist pull through.

Nail overdriven

Figure 3 Nail overdriven and almost punctures clear through the mat.

But just wait… there will be more,  I’m sure.