“I’ve Never Seen Any Shingles Like THIS Before!”

Posted by in Buying/Maintaining a Home, Roof, Shingles, Structural terms | May 11, 2015

“I’ve never seen any shingles like THIS before!”

We have heard this comment more than a few times, even from roofers.  What was being referred to are the shingles seen in the feature photo and Figures WRS-1 and WRS-2.  These shingles have the appearance of a weaved basket.


Figure WRS-1 Typical interlocking shingles.


And that description is not far from the truth.  These shingles are called  T-lock shingles or wind resistant shingles and they ARE weaved or interlocked together.  The weaving interlocks each strip so that each tab is held down at the sides with the overlapping side end of the adjacent tab.  The result is very little exposed bottom edge of a tab.  This pattern of interlocking made for a shingle system that is very resistant to high winds.  Furthermore, the interlocking was designed such that an asphalt sealing strip was unnecessary (Figure WRS-2).


Figure WRS-2 Tab of interlocking shingle manually removed.


But soon we will be saying goodbye to the T-lock shingle.  It appears that they are no longer manufactured.  Some new dimensional shingle styles have been so improved that they provide the same high wind resistance with a much better appearance, so there is no longer a need for the labor intensive T-lock.

But who knows, maybe they will make a “retro” come back some day.