A Roofer’s Nightmare – Part 2

Posted by in Buying/Maintaining a Home, Roof, Shingles, Water Sources | June 08, 2015

Occasionally, we get to see a roof that causes us to say, “Yikes!” or some other such exclamation.  This week we have such a roof.

Figure R-1 Large area of upper roof drain onto much smaller area.

Here, a large area of roof drains down into a small gutter and then onto a small triangular area of roof (Featured photo & Figure R1).  Drainage from the triangular area is restricted by a portion of the valley, literally running into a brick wall (Figure R2).  Then to make matters worse the small gutter above drains into a downspout that discharges along the brick wall (Figure R3).

Figure R2 Portion of valley for smaller roof area ends at a brick wall.


Figure R3 Downspout discharges along wall at small roof area.

In conclusion, the drainage path is restricted and lots of water is drained across and onto a small area adjacent to wall flashing.  Surely, this will leak, and it did.

The fix here will probably require an architect to work out a solution with a roofer and a mason.