Improper Repair Techniques

Posted by in Roof | November 10, 2014

When a roof leak is discovered, it is recommended that the repair be made on the roof side of the leak.  That is, the repair must be applied at the roof to prevent water from rain and snow melt from entering the roof.  It is not appropriate nor effective to seal the leak from the attic side.

If the roof is inaccessible because of weather or fear, it is appropriate to set up a method to catch the water for later disposal until proper repairs can be made.

Here are a few inappropriate repair techniques.


Figure IR-1 Deteriorated boot at soil stack.


Figure IR-2 Leaking boot at soil stack caulked from underside.


Figure IR-3 Chimney vent valley.


Figure IR-4 Chimney vent flashing patched on inside with caulk, foam , and roofing cement.