Silly Roofing Details – Flashing (Part 1)

Posted by in Construction & Shortcuts | June 03, 2013

Our continuing series of Construction & Shortcuts by Dummies goes on the roof this week to look at flashing.

Proper flashing is a critical detail for all shingled roofs.  Proper flashing is usually comprised of metal or a rubberized membrane.  Flashing is commonly placed where two different exterior surfaces meet, such as a roof and a wall, one roof slope and another, a roof and a chimney, a roof and a skylight, etc.  Flashing is what directs roof runoff away from a joint in the roof surface and reduces the risk of (hopefully prevents)  infiltration.

On the above roof we found what at first appears to be a cut away view of how step flashing should be stepped at each shingle course where the roof surface abuts a second floor wall.  We see that the L-shaped step flashing tins are properly set at each course – very good!  Unfortunately, this is not a cut away view, but someone placed the step flashing over the shingles.  For the record, the step flashing must be placed UNDER each shingle tab.

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