Happy Rosh Hashanah at Sundown September 29, 2019

Posted by in Commemoration/Celebration | September 23, 2019

After reading that the following advert (Figure 1) was rejected by Facebook as being “sexually provocative,” I was reminded that Rosh Hashanah is almost upon us.

We wish all, especially those of the Jewish faith,

a Happy Rosh Hashanah!

It is the first day of the new year for the civil calendar for the Jewish people.  Some traditions believe that since this is the first day of the new year that it was also the first day of creation (see Genesis 1).  Six days later Creation was complete.

For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth,

the sea, and all that is in them,

but he rested on the seventh day.

Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day

and made it holy.

(Exo 20:11 NIV)

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