Happy Groundhog’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by in Commemoration/Celebration | February 02, 2012

This is the day that many wait with baited breath for the decree from a rodent known as Punxsutawney Phil regarding the arrival of spring.  It is a sometimes accurate and entertaining method of weather forecasting, a pattern similar to the computer forecasts most of us hear during the local weather reports.

If you don’t remember what a groundhog looks like, just watch the Geico commercial where the camper on an ATV hollers at the woodchucks.  If I had been paying attention in school, I would have known that a groundhog is just a woodchuck.  Thank goodness for Wikipedia.

We wish you a wonderful Groundhog’s Day and hope that none of you wake up to your clock radio playing Sonny & Cher singing, “I’ve Got You, Babe,”  unless of course you would like to re-live February 2, 2012.  Hang in there: spring arrives in six and one-half weeks on March 20, 2012 – it is always six and one-half weeks from February 2.

Update: By the way, Phil saw his shadow: there will be six more weeks of winter.   The good news in Ohio is that climatologists forecast a warmer than normal finish to the winter for the lower Great Lakes Region.

Stay tuned, a new engineering topic will be coming out soon.